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Eikelenboom Cleaning BV is a specialist in the cleaning of tankers transporting liquid food & feed products. The company has three advanced cleaning stations with standardised washing programmes in Bergen op Zoom, Amsterdam and Ardooie (BE). Here, only approved, Food Grade cleaning agents are used according to our customers' quality standards.

The locations are a stone's throw away from major shipper/loading stations. Due to the optimal location of the three cleaning stations, fewer driving kilometres are required. This therefore saves a lot of time (and thus money) for the customer.

With over 60 years of experience in transporting food products, Eikelenboom knows exactly what is expected of a cleaning partner. Thanks to this experience gained, food safety is an absolute guarantee and we are able to meet customer requirements even better.

Since 2017, our location in Ardooie (formerly Bevernaegie) has had its own cleaning station. The ideal location in Ardooie and the state-of-the-art installation are reasons for many transporters in the region to choose our cleaning services.

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What does Eikelenboom offer?

Secured cleaning system

The entire process is PLC controlled and monitored from A to Z. Our cleaning stations are equipped with advanced washing programmes. These programmes are based on pre-load history, equipment type and customer-specific requests. By using automated programmes, we can focus on cleaning and increasing food safety. In addition to our basic cleaning, we can also offer sterile and/or religious procedures for tank and equipment.

Uncoupled cleaning

Every transport specialist knows that labour costs are a major cost factor. That is why we offer uncoupled cleanings, known as a pick-up and drop-off service.

Kosher / halal cleaning

At the customer's request, our cleanings can be adapted to specific customer requirements. This includes sterile, Kosher and Halal cleaning.

Repair service

A maintenance service can be found at all our locations for minor repairs. Our workshop at our business location in Ardooie (B) is equipped to carry out major repairs.
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Cleaning IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container)

In our cleaning stations, we have 'dedicated' equipped cleaning bays for the cleaning, sterilisation and drying of IBCs, as well as other load carriers.

Food safety
Eikelenboom is at all times aware of the strict requirements surrounding the transport of foodstuffs, partly because Eikelenboom is part of the board of the Association of Tank cleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN). In addition to this, the HACCP principles are thoroughly familiar to our employees and Eikelenboom complies with the EFTCO standard. The reliable food-safety system is tested on several occasions through protocols, transparent checks, traceable cleaning and audits.
Qualified cleaning services
Eikelenboom is an ATCN/EFTCO accredited cleaning station, certified for quality and food-safety standards. The effectiveness of our cleaning services is measured by a quality programme consisting of various parameter checks, the most important of which are integrated into the automated process. This supports a fail-safe washing operation. We work only with skilled personnel and food-approved cleaning agents.

Food protection
To increase security levels, all our cleaned equipment is fitted with unique seals. In cooperation with our customers, we can implement additional security measures where necessary. All our sites are fenced and inaccessible outside office hours.
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Additional services

For heating containers or trailer tanks with steam or hot water, we use computer-controlled heating systems.

In addition to our cleaning services, we can also offer benefits such as parking services, heating services and storage.

Does the load or tank need to be tested first? No problem. We offer various tests such as ATP, turbidity test, allergen and Ph test.

Would you like to know more about our services? Check out our services page.

More information?

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Eikelenboom has been a leading player in tank cleaning since 1958, with its own cleaning locations in Amsterdam (from 1990), Bergen op Zoom (from 1996) and Ardooie in Belgium (from 2017). These three branches ensure good representation throughout the BeNeLux.
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