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About Eikelenboom

Eikelenboom Group started in 1958 and has since grown into a leading specialist in tank transport of liquid food products. The company, based in Bergen op Zoom, transported liquid foodstuffs such as vegetable oils, liquid sugars and fruit juices for many years. Eikelenboom was active across   Europe, providing transport from one of many ports to its customers' production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All with its own multi-brand vehicle fleet.

Family business

Eikelenboom is a 2nd generation family business. Ary and Albert Eikelenboom first built the cleaning branch to support transport. Later, this cleaning branch grew into a full-fledged company.

From full-time tanker transport to full-time cleaning

Since July 2021, the transport business has been sold and the brothers are focusing 100% on the cleaning business complemented by a new activity 'Eikelenboom Services'.

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Our core values


Our team

Eikelenboom is a family business in which employees play a central role in our company. Because our employees are able to work safely and above all with pleasure, we and our customers see this reflected in the work carried out every day.

Our mission

"We want to unburden our customers as much as possible. With our cleaning and services, we can offer a complete 'worry-free' package."  
The  strategic location of the 3 cleaning locations (Amsterdam, Bergen Op Zoom and Ardooie BE) all close to major shippers. As a result, we are always quickly on site to assist. We want to optimise our services through continuous innovation and extensive automation. Raising the quality of our services to an even higher level is our starting point!
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Security and policy

'Having fun working in a safe environment' is the motto at Eikelenboom Group. A prevention officer has been appointed within our company. In addition, we make regular safety rounds to check whether we work safely. We keep accurate records of those findings, analyse them and are continuously working on securing our process around safety.


Sustainability is high on the agenda within Eikelenboom. There is a continuous search for means how we can perform our services in the most sustainable way possible. Our services have a high intensity in terms of energy and water consumption. Innovative and out-of-the-box ideas allow us to reduce our emissions. Various environmental measures have   been taken in the cleaning and garage to reduce or minimise the environmental impact of air, water and soil.
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Eikelenboom has been a leading player in tank cleaning since 1958, with its own cleaning locations in Amsterdam (from 1990), Bergen op Zoom (from 1996) and Ardooie in Belgium (from 2017). These three branches ensure good representation throughout the BeNeLux.
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