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With over 60 years of experience, Eikelenboom knows how to deal with the challenges and common logistic problems in the transport chain like no other. As an ex-transporter in liquid foodstuffs, Eikelenboom Service B.V. has put together a balanced package of services in order to provide the customer with the best possible service.
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Loading and unloading assistance within the Netherlands and Belgium

Due to the unique strategic location of the three branches, we can always offer logistics services within the Benelux. Do you ever experience problems with the items below? Eikelenboom assists in solving them. 

1. Due to, on the one hand, an increasingly international character in logistics services and, on the other hand, the strict requirements of loading and unloading locations, communication problems arise more and more often. Eikelenboom offers to solve the communication problems by sending our people to support.

2. The unexpected technical problems during loading and unloading, especially with hoses, couplings, compressor and pumps.

3. Problems concerning calamities. They may include seals, certificates and insurance situations.

Pre-loading service

Uncouple your trailer at one of our locations and pick it back up clean and/or loaded.

One Stop Shopping

Due to its long experience in the transport sector, Eikelenboom is aware of the main challenges in the sector. For this purpose, Eikelenboom Service B.V. has introduced the so-called 'One Stop Shopping'. A unique service which reduces the hourly consumption and optimises driver deployment. Eikelenboom takes over cleaning and loading, allowing the driver to either start his next action or go to sleep. This will increase employability.

For example:
- Coupling the trailer > cleaning > loading > uncoupling (night loading)
- Coupling up the trailer > unloading > cleaning > uncoupling
- A combination of the above options
- Local loading or unloading without cleaning is also possible.

Logistics services

- Taking over administration (in whole or in part)
- Interim tasks
- Assisting with Sales activities (tenders, acquisition, transport concepts etc.)
- Project support
- Quick scan sustainability

For suppliers and manufacturers

- Developing tailor-made transport concepts
- Taking over or supervising the selection of the logistics service provider
- Taking over handling of logistics or administration tasks
- Optimising logistics costs/movements
- Quick scan sustainability
- Project support
- Advice on development of loading and unloading points

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Eikelenboom has been a leading player in tank cleaning since 1958, with its own cleaning locations in Amsterdam (from 1990), Bergen op Zoom (from 1996) and Ardooie in Belgium (from 2017). These three branches ensure good representation throughout the BeNeLux.
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